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Frequently asked questions about the Golden Shield lock:

1. What is the GoldenShield security lock?

The Golden Shield JD268 lock is a novel security system consisting of a remote-controlled lock, with no visible elements from the outside so that at no time can anyone know that you have a Golden Shield lock installed.

2. Where can it be installed?

The Golden Shield JD268 lock can be installed on any type of door, whether it be a house, a storage room, a van … etc. The Golden Shield lock should be a safety measure complementary to the lock already installed on the door.

3. Can it be installed on exterior doors?

The Golden Shield JD268 lock is not designed to be installed on exterior doors, being its exclusive use for interior doors.
4. How is the lock installed?

The Golden Shield JD 268 lock is installed very simply. All controls are coded. The fixing plate is bolted to the door and the closing plate to the frame, having to be level between the two plates, then screw the lock to the fixing plate.
5. How do I open or close the lock?

The Golden Shield JD 268 lock is opened or closed using the remote controls provided.

6. Can remote controls be copied?

The controls provided are unopable, they work by means of an encrypted communication system of evolutionary code.

7. What happens in case of loss or theft of a remote control?

The only thing that will happen to you is that you have to unlink all the remotes from the lock, and re-link them again. A new code is automatically generated leaving the subtracted or lost command unusable.

8. What happens if I lose all remote controls?

By having a code generator command and having previously linked it, with any other code generator command of the Goldenshield lock you could open the door by entering your personal code, this command can be provided by the store or distributor where you purchased the lock or another person That you know you have the Goldenshield lock.

9. How many controls can be linked to a lock?

The Golden shield JD 268 lock can be linked by up to 24 knobs at a distance.

10. What kind of batteries does the lock and the controls use?

The Golden shield JD 268 lock works by 4 AA alkaline batteries and 12V 23A Alkaline backup battery or 6V transformer. Remote controls with 1 12V alkaline battery 27A. All included in the box.

11. How long do the batteries last?

The 4 AA type batteries last around 5-6 months. The reserve battery 12V 23A lasts around 2-3 years activating a couple of times per year. (We recommend replacing the backup battery once it is used.)

12. Do I have to reconnect the controls when I replace the batteries?

No, the Golden Shield JD 268 lock does not erase the links when the batteries are depleted or changed, without needing to change the batteries in a certain time so that the links with the controls are not erased.

13. What happens if the batteries are completely exhausted?

In this case you would not need to call any locksmith to open the door, you just have to activate the reserve battery and open the lock with any of the controls.

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