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Installation Guide Safety lock Golden shield JD268


1. You can install as many locks on the doors as there is space.
2. From the inside of the door you must finite where the lock is to be installed, it is advisable to glue double-sided tape to simulate the final installation before screwing the screws.
3. Unscrew the locking plate from the lock and separate one part from the other.
4. Select the appropriate screws according to the characteristics of the door and screw the fixing plate to the door.
5. Reconnect the lock with the mounting plate already installed on the door.
6. Level the locking plate to the lock on the door frame, you may need to modify the frame for the correct leveling of the locking plate with the lock, with the corresponding screws securing the locking plate.
7. It must be taken into account that there is no unnecessary friction between the closure and the closing plate when performing the opening and closing operation.
8. Insert AA and 23A alkaline batteries.
9. Orient the position of the antenna at 90º.
10. Link the remote controls with the lock.
11. Check the correct functioning of the installation, with the controls, from inside the house.
12. Check that there is no friction of the lock with the locking plate, that the door opens and closes without problems.
13. Changes in temperature must be taken into account. If the door is in contact with the outside and is made of wood, it may cause expansion and contraction movements.


  • When the LED blinks and continuous beeps sound, please replace the batteries immediately as indicated in the manual.
  • Used batteries must be replaced at the same time with new AA alkaline batteries. Mixing new and used batteries may cause the locking function to open or close.
  • The spare battery is advisable to change it once you have had to make use of it.
  • Make sure the correct placement of the batteries according to the + and -. Failure to do so may result in malfunction.
  •  Do not blow or wet the lock. If the device comes into contact with water, it may cause the lock to malfunction.
  • Indoor use only.
  • Do not install the lock in a place with a high level of humidity, dust, smoke or flammable materials.
  • Do not leave the lock, remote controls and batteries within reach of children.
  • Perform the registration or deletion of the remote controls as indicated in the manual. Any error can lead to a malfunction of the lock.
  • Never disassemble the body of the lock.
  • Use manual closing only in case of emergency.

Electronic Shield Golden Shield (Configuration)